Boot Patch that really works
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This inexpensive, very tough construction sealant makes an excellent boot patch! For patches, I've tried tapes, various tube patches, an expensive British air-cure silicone product. Some last longer than others - up to 1 month for the silicone. But ultimately, either the adhesion with the boot fails or the material itself cracks.

 The boot patch I'm using here is actually a construction sealent - a moisture-cure polyurethane. It is very tough material that gets stronger in contact with water. It is flexible, much tougher and more wear-resistant than silicone (tear strength, abrasion resistance), has excellent surface adhesion if the boot surface is prepared correctly, and is inexpensive. It also can fill in the nooks and crannys of a cracked boot much more effectively than tape seals.
To patch your boots, you’ll need
• tube of Sikalfex 1A (click here to purchase)
• caulking gun
• propane torch
• small piece of sandpaper or abrasive pad
• clean rag
• something to open your Sikaflex (side cutter and a stiff wire)
• sink to clean your boots
1. Clean the boots around the leak(s) thoroughly. I use a scrub brush and hot, soapy water. Then abrade the surface around the leak with one of those green 3M scrubbies or a piece of steel wool or sand paper for better adhesion. Let the boot dry.
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