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Invention for sale or license - "Next Gen" Reusable Zip Tie
Zip ties, invented in the late 1950's to speed cable bundling in aircraft, are now found everywhere. They are effective, convenient, and perhaps tougher and more weather resistant than twine.

Most are disposable - you have to destroy them to release them. There are reusable cable ties, but they tend to be cumbersome to release, are more expensive than the traditional zip tie, and have other design limitations, as you will see below .
The zip tie design offered here uses a "side open" design in the head (see illustrations), rather than the traditional small window, to hold the strap portion of the tie. When it comes time to release the "side open" zip tie, the strap is stripped out the open side of the head, rather than cutting and destroying the tie.

Reusability is especially appealing for medium to large-sized ties, which tend to be more expensive per piece than smaller zip ties. Reusability is also a worthwhile feature where many ties are used regularly - in agriculture, to hold grape vines to support wire, for example.
Next Generation Zip Tie
Can't attach backwards!