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GreenJeans sizing, pricing and how to order


There are four sizes of GreenJeans. The various sizes put the knee pads higher or lower on the leg, so that the pad is positioned under the knee when you kneel. Use the chart below as a guide. (Note: There is a printer-friendly version of this chart - see button on the bottom of this page.) Follow the three steps to find your  correct size.


  •  Don't cinch the straps down. Your hand should slip easily between the straps and your leg.
  •  A good fit means the knee pads fall comfortably and completely under your knee when you kneel. If the chaps pull, you very likely need the next longer size.

GreenJeans are made of back-pack-tough 1000 denier textured nylon fabric. When you put on a new pair, they may pull at the waist band when you first kneel. After an hour or two in them, they will stretch at the belt corners. So start with the waist band loose, wear it until the fabric stretches, and then re-adjust the belt to take up any slack.

Pricing and Shipping Cost

Description SKU # Price
Size L 101602A  US$59.95 each
Size M 101602B
Size ML 101602C
Size MXL 101602D

Always FREE USPS ground shipping within the United States!

For other shipping modes, we charge just what we are charged. Washington State residents pay our state sales tax.

To Order

Three ways to order (see below): TELEPHONE ORDER, EMAIL ORDER, or ORDER WITH A CREDIT CARD on our secure sister site, Simply Living Farm!

For TELEPHONE or EMAIL ordering, we sell on the "Honor System": You order, we ship with an invoice, no money has exchanged hands. When you receive the product, you mail us a check or money order. We are proud of our customer satisfaction rate, and have found our customers to be a trustworthy lot!

To TELEPHONE ORDER, call 1.800.443.2607. Leave the following information:

  • your name (spell your last name, please)
  • your telephone number
  • your shipping address (we ship US Postal Service)
  • Tell us how many you want, and correct size of each. If you are not sure of the size, give your waist size and distance from your waist to the top of your knee.

We will send an invoice and self-addressed, stamped envelope with your order.

To EMAIL ORDER, use the Order Form below:

Fill out your name, address, phone, email address, and tell me how many GreenJeans chaps you want of each size. If you are not sure of your size, give your waist size and number of inches from your belt to the top of your knee in the "Comments" row at the bottom of the form below.

Shipping Address 

(We use U.S. Postal Service, Parcel Post (ground). If you wish another shipping service, you will be billed the cost of shipping.)  PO Boxes OK.


 Type the quantity you wish to order of each size, below.

Size L
Size ML
Size MXL
Size M

(If you aren't sure of your size, include your waist size and inches from waist to knee here.)


Use our new, secure sister site, Simply Living Farm!

We've partnered with friends, creating our new business, "Simply Living Farm, LLC"! One of the many benefits - we can offer a wider selection of high quality, innovative products in the tradition of Muscle and Arm Farm.



Other GreenJeans tips and info


GreenJeans are washable. Most folks just hose them off when necessary, and hang them to dry. If you use a dryer, use a cool one.

Recent Awards

Georgia Magazine                                    Awarded "Best of the Must Haves"                                        MGA "Green Thumb Award" 2004

Product of the Month April 2008               Joe Gardener, 2006, 2007, 2008  


For more awards and customer testimonials, follow the links at the bottom of this page...


Used by

  •  Professional Landscapers, Farmers, Gardeners.
  •  Painters, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Drywallers
  •  Tile setters, Concrete and Rockery workers
  •  Aircraft and other large-scale factory assembly workers

Key Benefits

  •  Built-in pads make kneeling comfortable, even in gravel. Knee pads don't cut off circulation because they hang from the waist, unlike other knee pads which must be cinched tight around the knee to stay in place.
  •  Chaps are made of heavy-duty 1000 denier textured nylon, so they wear like iron even on abrasive jobs such as concrete or rockery work.
  •  Chaps go on and off quickly over pants and boots. When you go in the house or truck, you can leave the dirt outside.
  •  Excellent waist-down protection from paint, spray, weed-eater, hay bale chaff, etc.






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